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Intense, fast-paced, first person perspective gameplay, bringing back the best moments from your childhood.

Project Warlock -- is an upcoming old-school FPS title similar to 90s shooters like Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM.

You take on the role of a mysterious and powerful mage who travels through dimensions and universes in an attempt to remove all evil from existence. The player will have an array of weapons and magic at their disposal to help them on their quest.

Our previous game description turned out to be a bit confusing so we would like to rephrase it to more accurately communicate what this game aspires to be.

Project Warlock is a Wolfenstyle retro FPS with spells and guns.

This game is retro inspired, but it's not supposed to outright mimic the way older games looked or played. We are taking some themes and ideas from various titles and then applying our spin to them in order to create a game that pays homage to the classics but in the same time is going to be it's own thing. We don't aim to recreate the past. We want to learn from it.

There are two sides of the retro inspirations here: Low res sprite based pixelart objects and simplified level geometry. This is both an artistic and a pragmatic choice. It gives Project Warlock it's unique style but it's also easier to develop. We are a small team with limited budget and little experience so we have to work within some limitations. This means the game won't get stuck in a development hell and will actually be finished.

The graphics are retro inspired, but retro is just the baseline. Every sprite and texture is created using a 16 color palette, but in the game it is enhanced by lightning and contrast that stretch the palette beyond that.

The other retro inspiration is in the gameplay:
- You collect large arsenal of weapons that are at your disposal at all times.
- You explore and navigate through handcrafted levels in search of keys, pickups and secrets.
- Combat is centered around moving around, charging, dodging attacks and projectiles.
- There are no cover or stealth systems nor any regenerating health.
- There is no focus on any story or plot. Just gameplay.
- there will be NO procedural generation of anything.
- There will be bosses.

- This game is inspired by retro themes, but we want to expand them where possible. That's why this game also has things like:
- Stat based character progression
- Fallout style perks
- weapon upgrades
- hub based nonlinear level progression
- spell casting system independent of regular weapons
- multiple game modes that allow to replay any level in a different way
- difficulty variants for both hardcore and casual styles.
- limited lives system that is a lighter form of permadeath. But it will probably be optional.

Character progression and weapon upgrades will allow players to try out different playstyles. You can focus on firearms, melee combat, spells or keep everything in balance.

Weapon upgrades will change the behavior of weapons in very meaningful way. We are strongly against boring incremental upgrade systems, that are so tiny you can't even notice if they actually work.


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